Concealed Braces for Kids

One of the worst things any kid can hear is that he or she has to wear braces. Social implications of having mouth full of metal are simply terrifying. The endless teasing becomes everyday occurrence in their life and prospects of being accepted in popular companies rapidly diminish. Braces can be a terrible blow to any kid’s self esteem. Fortunately, modern braces technology can now offer a way around these calamities, by offering new types of concealed braces for kids.

Basically, there are three types of concealed braces. The first are ceramic braces. These are practically the same as metal ones, except the brackets are made of ceramic. Ceramic provides better grip on the tooth and ceramic bracket very seldom falls out of position. If they do, it is easily repaired during the next adjustment. But these facts are more important to parents than they are to kids. Kids love them as they come in the same white color as their teeth, making them very hard to see. Also, they can be in any color they want them to be, transforming once ugly orthodontic device into a fashion feature. Brackets can be change to ensure child will never wore the same color combination twice.

The second type is so called lingual braces. These are metal braces that are installed behind teeth, making them practically concealed braces. They are a bit more expensive than regular and are harder to maintain and adjust, but are very popular with kids as they are very hard to spot, at least until later age when they start dating and kissing comes into play.

Finally, we have invisalign braces. Technically speaking, invisalign braces are not braces at all, more of a retainer. They are limited in a sense that they can be used in mild cases, as they simply can’t correct more severe issues. They are made of clear plastic like material and are almost invisible. However, they are not recommended for kids, since their use depends on following the strict set of instruction, most kid will likely forget. On the other hand, it will be hard for anyone to call them metal mouth with these.